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Picking the Perfect Posies for Your Mum


  • Picking the Perfect Posies for Your Mum
    Posted on August 22, 2014

    A beautiful delivery of fresh flowers will make anyone’s day at any time of year, not least on Mother’s Day! It’s a popular gift, but plenty of thought goes in to choosing the right bouquet for your mum to make her feel super special. One way of choosing flowers for your mum is to consider the different meanings flowers have. Below we have the meanings behind a variety of Mother’s Day blooms to help you convey your message of love to your mum this year.
    Mother’s Day flowers expressing love

    There are many flowers that symbolise love including: asters, red chrysanthemums, red roses and red tulips. There are many more which symbolise different kinds of love such as bluebells, magenta zinnia and orange blossom, which symbolise everlasting love and affection. Daisies relate to loyalty in love and forget-me-nots symbolise faithful love. It may sound strange but moss specifically symbolises maternal love and looks beautiful with white flowers. A message of love given using these flowers is perfect for your mum on Mother’s Day!
    Official Mother’s Day flowers

    Pink carnations are the official Mother’s Day flowers and convey that your mother is always on your mind. The tradition is said to have come from a legend about Mary’s tears turning to fragrant, carnation flowers upon witnessing Jesus’ suffering. Canadians wear red and pink carnations for their mother on Mother’s Day and white carnations if their mother has passed away. White carnations were also suggested by Anna Jarvis, one of the American founders of Mother’s Day who described the flowers as symbolising some of the virtues of motherhood, including love, faithfulness and beauty. So carnations are an excellent choice for showing your mum just how special she is and that you think of her, particularly if you live far away and can be a great way to honour her if she has passed away.
    Other Suitable Mother’s Day Flowers


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